Stage: Manufacturing

64x Bio is engineering cell lines to address critical challenges in gene therapy manufacturing.

908 Devices makes handheld and desktop mass spectrometry devices to enable lab analysis wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Ansa Biotechnologies is building a next-generation, enzyme-based approach to DNA synthesis that accelerates synthetic biology research.

Culture helps scientists accelerate bioprocess development with its high-throughput bioreactor cloud lab.

Intabio provides drug producers a rapid system to confirm their batches of drugs are meeting high-quality standards.

Isolere Bio is simplifying and streamlining the purification of biotherapeutics to improve global access to important drugs.

Kytopen enables non-viral manufacturing of cell therapies in a scalable process that preserves and minimally disrupts each cell.

NanoView characterizes exosomes – which are how cells communicate with each other – direct from sample and without purification.

OPT combines computational design, automation engineering, and material science to algorithmically design and digitally manufacture superior materials.

Ori Biotech automates and scales cell and gene therapy manufacturing to reduce costs, meet rapidly growing demand, and enable patient access to lifesaving treatments.

QbDVision is helping to digitize biopharma manufacturing with a cloud-based workspace that aims to consolidate workflow and knowledge management.

Refeyn is a research tools company whose novel technology can find and characterize single molecules in only one minute, rapidly accelerating research for new drugs.

Slingshot Biosciences develops synthetic cells for a range of applications in diagnostics and therapeutics.