Northpond Labs & Builds

Northpond Labs

Northpond Labs is the research and development-focused affiliate of Northpond Ventures that identifies, supports, funds, and engages early-stage science at leading academic institutions such as Harvard and MIT. These dynamic collaborations enable us to translate scientific discoveries from the lab to create companies that are primed for seed-stage funding by Northpond and other investors. We partner leading scientists and talented entrepreneurs with key advisors to enable discoveries that advance science for the
benefit of humanity.

Northpond Labs’ co-creative approach with academic institutions, research centers, and scientists is both unique and multi-faceted. In addition to providing capital, we advise academic partners about the intricacies of the venture process including:

Funding translational research

Creating an entrepreneurial culture

Translating discoveries into commercial opportunities

Current University Collaborations

The Wyss-Northpond Research And Innovation Alliance

Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University has established its first research and innovation alliance by joining forces with Northpond Labs, the research and development-focused affiliate of a leading science and technology-driven venture capital firm Northpond Ventures. Through the alliance, Northpond Labs will provide $12 million over a five-year period to create a Laboratory for Bioengineering Research and Innovation at the Wyss Institute to support impactful research with strong translation potential.

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The MIT-Northpond Program

This program aims to generate applied solutions that address unmet commercial needs in the life sciences. The program aligns Northpond’s experienced venture capital investors with MIT’s scientific entrepreneurs to advance translational research through close mentorship and collaboration.

The program identifies and supports MIT scientists engaging in early proof-of-concept research projects which seek to translate their ideas into viable businesses across diagnostics, research tools, platforms for therapeutic solutions, biomanufacturing, and AI and software for treatment decision support.

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The Stanford School of Medicine and Northpond Alliance

The Northpond Laboratories – Program for Research and Innovation at Stanford Medicine is a collaboration between Northpond Ventures and Stanford Medicine. It seeks to identify and build upon the scientific discoveries and innovations developed by Stanford’s leading faculty and researchers and accelerate the pace of translation between scientific research to clinical and real-world applications that improve patient outcomes through the vehicle of entrepreneurship. Northpond Labs, the research and development-focused affiliate of Northpond Ventures funds this five-year engagement.

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Northpond Builds

Northpond Builds transforms our research engagements from Northpond Labs into extraordinary companies ripe for further investments. The key to the process is providing direct support for critical early-stage activities leading up to company formation and establishing a solid operational base on which to build the company. Support includes:

Negotiation of IP licenses from academic institutions

Product & pipeline strategy

Company formation

Investor network introductions

Preferred vendor relationships