Sector: Digital Health

Current Health is an enterprise remote care management platform enabling early, preventive health care at home to improve health outcomes and reduce the cost of care.

Deep Lens enables care teams to find the best available clinical trials for a patient’s specific diagnosis – at the time of diagnosis.

DNAnexus is a secure cloud platform and global network for scientific collaboration to support accelerating discoveries in genomic, multiomic, and precision medicine.

Eleanor Health is the first evidence-based, whole-person care model for individuals and populations with substance use disorders and mental health needs.

Faro Health simplifies the design and authoring of complex clinical trials by harnessing the power of smart digital protocols.

Hawthorne Effect is making clinical trials accessible and convenient for everyone, everywhere.

The Merck Digital Sciences Studio (MDSS) supports early-stage biomedical startups accelerating the adoption of AI and ML tools for drug and biomarker discovery, clinical development, and enabling IT infrastructure.

Octave is developing an integrated care management platform for multiple sclerosis (MS) and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Outcomes4Me developed an AI-powered platform to empower cancer patients to navigate their care and achieve better outcomes.

QbDVision is helping to digitize biopharma manufacturing with a cloud-based workspace that aims to consolidate workflow and knowledge management.

Saama is an AI clinical analytics platform company, enabling the life sciences industry to conduct faster and safer clinical development and regulatory programs.

Scitara provides laboratory-specific, cloud-based software solutions to enable scientific labs with modern lab data connectivity infrastructure and tools.

SimBioSys enables cancerous tumors to be visualized, helping predict a patient’s unique response to treatment.

Story Health brings the specialty clinic to the home, bridging the gap between patients and providers with connected devices, virtual patient engagement, and AI-powered clinical decision support.

Syapse works with health systems, life sciences companies, and regulators to accelerate real-world evidence to improve the outcomes of cancer patients.

Teckro is modernizing and simplifying clinical research to help make clinical trials more simple, accessible, and transparent.

VieCure is an AI-powered platform that integrates data from oncology patients’ health records, including genomic sequencing, to generate real-time, patient-specific, actionable, and comprehensive treatment plans.