Stage: Preclinical

Aro combines advances in protein engineering, nucleic acid chemistry, and disease gene biology to achieve cell-specific oligonucleotide delivery.

CAMP4 is a preclinical biotech company pioneering the field of upregulation to restore healthy gene expression in diseased cells by programmable modulation of a new class of RNA called regRNA.

Code Bio is pioneering the development of targeted, non-viral medicines to treat and potentially cure serious and life-threatening diseases.

Curie.Bio helps founders launch successful therapeutics companies by serving as their drug discovery copilot and seed investor. 

Garuda Therapeutics is creating off-the-shelf blood stem cell therapies to provide accessible, tailored alternatives for all patients in need.

Incendia Therapeutics is reimagining the tumor microenvironment by creating anti-cancer therapies that lead to more effective treatment.

Mestag Therapeutics is targeting activated fibroblast populations to influence the immune system and create impactful new medicines.

OMass Therapeutics harnesses native mass spectrometry alongside proprietary biochemistry and custom chemistry to discover therapeutics for immunological and rare diseases.

Transition Bio is a microfluidics- and machine learning-driven company working to harness the potential of biomolecular condensates in revolutionizing drug discovery.

Walking Fish engineers B cells to stimulate the immune system and produce protein therapeutics for oncology, rare deficiency diseases, autoimmune diseases, and more.